Ogoola Karuta Ogoola Karuta
Tatami Karuta Mat

Tatami Karuta Mat

2900 SEK
A genuine tatami mat from Nagasaki Japan exclusively made for playing the Ogoola Karuta poetry game and competitive karuta (kyogi karuta).Authentic Japanese Karuta Tatami Mat. Custom sized for playing all kinds of karuta.
  • Hand made with Genuine Amakusa grass.
  • The Karuta tatami mat is marked with correct playing space, that fits standard karuta.
  • Two territories and 3 cm space in between- in the center.
  • For Kyogi Karuta, Ogoola Karuta, English Karuta, Competitive Karuta
Comes in two sizes, same price:
- Normal: 1 000x780x3 mm, 875 g
- XL: 1 800x900x3 mm, 1 830 g